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The RidicuLOUs Five

For those that don’t know him, Lou is a fairly obnoxious, formerly smelly law student who enjoys superlatives. In honor of his return as a reader to NoahBrier.com I’ve decided to institute a new “recurring” series: The RidicuLOUs Five. These links, while not necessarily ridiculous, are chosen for Lou’s reading pleasure. Maybe that way he’ll stop bitching about how boring this site is.

Without further ado, here are this weeks RidicuLOUs Five:

1. An 80-year-old New Jersey woman was running a prostitution ring to supplement her Social Security checks

2. A list of five movies people need to stop quoting

3. Six requirements for being a hipster (of which you must meet five)

4. New York City bars that BBQ for free

5. The Collins English Dictionary has added definitions for “going commando” and “drunk dialing”

June 9, 2005