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August, 2005

1.5 Google Lifehacks

I discovered two cool Google things today.

1. When I went to download the new version of Adium (the spectacular free OS X IM client). I could remember the address so I went for a quick Google search. The site turned up at the top of the results, as expected, but check out what the listing looked like:


Notice anything weird there? For some strange reason listed directly under the link to the homepage are links to other parts of the site. They're not additional listings, as you'll notice, but instead just appear as a sort-of nav right below the listing. Seems pretty cool to me, anyone got any ideas what's going on here?

Then . . .

2. (This one comes via Creativebits.) Just the other day I was telling a coworker that you can't set up Gmail to send from any email address other than your @gmail.com address. Well, turns out I was wrong.


All you've got to do is go to "Settings" followed by "Accounts" where you'll see "Add Another Email Address." At that point it's as easy as inputting your additional address which Google verifies by sending you an email with a link to click. Once you've done that all you've got to do is choose the appropriate email in the newly added "from" field. Nice.

August 30, 2005
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