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August, 2005

Beautiful Blog

I'm always looking for good looking websites, especially well-designed blogs since so many look the same. With that said, the other day I discovered ShaunInman.com (the site of Shuan Inman, not surprisingly), which is as nice a blog as I've seen. It's a clean design, relying on grey and white with a splash of maroon for good measure. The homepage is well architechted with the featured entry appearing above the fold and recent entries, links, etc. sitting below. I also love the diagonal lines for the backgrounds, it provides just enough texture to make specific elements stand out.

sinman-screenshot1.png sinman-screenshot2.png

Possibly the most impressive element of the site, however, is the navigation. Shaun has solved the problem of where to place the nav by tucking it away using some AJAX trickery. He uses a small tab at the top of the page which scrolls down on mouseover. The nav comes down to cover about 60% of the page and includes links to recent entries, categories, basic nav (about, etc.) as well as a search box.

All in all, the whole site is beautifully done and well worth a visit.

August 29, 2005
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