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Knowledgeable Poop

I was doing some copywriting work today and I headed over to Thesaurus.com to look up synonyms for the word knowledge. This is the list that it returned:

ability, accomplishments, acquaintance, apprehension, attainments, awareness, cognition, comprehension, consciousness, dirt, discernment, doctrine, dogma, dope, education, enlightenment, erudition, expertise, facts, familiarity, goods, grasp, inside story, insight, instruction, intelligence, judgment, know-how, learning, light, lore, observation, philosophy, picture, poop, principles, proficiency, recognition, scholarship, schooling, science, scoop, substance, theory, tuition, wisdom

When I read the list one word really jumped out at me.

I never knew “poop” was a synonym for knowledge.

Did you?

August 18, 2005