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Shore Points


I’m not so big on plugging stuff, but Jeff Hughes, the author of this play owes me money, and as much as I like getting paid back in beer and bar t-shirts, maybe this play will help him pay it back in real paper dollars (which it won’t).

Anyway, the play is premiering this weekend (it actually starts on Thursday) and it’s running off-broadway. I’ve been to the reading’s and the play is actually very good. As described on ShorePoints.org:

Set primarily in a single Jersey Shore beach town, Shore Points tells the story of how six people’s lives are affected by a single event. Each character struggles to stay along their path as life just keeps getting in the way. They drink too much, they talk too little and the air isn’t all that clean to begin with.

So go ahead and buy some tickets and get yourself some real Jersey culture (in New York City, of course).

August 10, 2005