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September, 2005

Crunch Sucks Update

For those of you that remember back in December when I told my story of the terrible customer service at Crunch gym, I just wanted to update the situation. Since December I have been a happy member of New York Sports Club and CrunchReallySucks.com has been getting about two comments a month. There are lots of good ones, many highlighting how Crunch sucks.

There are a few that are negative towards me, which I can deal with, but there were two that really stood out, mostly because they sounded quite similar. One was from a Bob Highlander (MysheI42@aol.com and read:

You all sound like whining crybabies! The 1st poster sounds like he was scamming his way into the club...when he knew full well that he was no longer a corporate member. THe way I see it...you owe CRUNCH MONEY!!!
I go to the gym to workout and mind my own business...quit your bitching and hit the iron!

The other was from Michael (burnt2o47@aol.com) and read:

If you had been working out there for six months, what was there to think about. Did you need to try out the gym again. Obviously no one here is a business owner. Think about this, you are one in how many people who try the same thing. If they let you in for free, then where is the value in someone elses membership that they paid for. You people should understand something that simple. I could understand if you were a potential customer, like NYSC just let you work out hoping you would join their health club. Does your landlord let you live in your apartment if you don't pay your rent? I'm not posting to bash you in anyway, and I can appreciate a person who will go to such lengths to put his/ her point across. But it just is another example of people; not just you, trying to take advantage of others. Good for you.

Now I can deal with people disagreeing with me, but there was a certain amount of similarity to the tone of the two comments and a quick look at the logs showed me that's because they came from the same IP: At this point I figured something was up so I did a whois on the IP and wasn't overly surprised to get returned with this:

CustName: Bally Total Fitness, Inc.
Address: 300 East Joppa Road, 5th floor
City: Baltimore
StateProv: MD
PostalCode: 21204
Country: US
RegDate: 1995-10-24
Updated: 1995-10-24

Bally's owns Crunch. Crunch employees left me comments bashing me on their work computers. It's all pretty amusing and I thought everyone should know. Just reinforces the fact that Crunch really sucks.

September 21, 2005
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