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Visual Thinking Blogs

I like information visualizations. It’s with that said that I point you all towards a few blogs that specialize in finding great examples:

1. Information Aesthetics: This site specifically covers cool ways that people visualize information. The blog’s fairly telling description is “form follows data – towards creative information visualization.” I’m constantly awed by links on this site. It’s really a must read if you enjoy this stuff.

2. xBlog: xPlane calls themselves “the visual thinking company,” so it’s no surprise that their blog is “the visual thinking blog.” The company designs visual explanations for complex ideas (for magazines and the like). Their blog is a collection of links to articles and examples of visual thinking at work.

3. swissmiss: This is the site of Tina Roth, a swiss designer living in New York. It’s got a leaning towards information design, but it varies. This site is a recent discovery and it’s quickly become one of my favorite reads. She finds some great stuff, like this Rubik’s cube solver.

Enjoy and please pass along any other great visual thinking blogs.

September 7, 2005