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Do You Drink and Blog?

At work we’re looking for some talented bloggers for a project we’re working on. Here’s the writeup:

We are staring a national nightlife blog, and need someone in LA and Miami.
We’d prefer a female, as we already have enough guys writing for us. We are
seeking Bloggers that like to write and go out a lot.
We’re looking for about 5 posts a week for 12 weeks (starting immediately).
Our blog will go beyond clubs, and encompass many late-night activities in
these cities. This can of course include clubs, bars and live music, but we
also want some of the more quirky and unusual events/venues as well (secret
societies, transvestite scrabble slams, 24hr dimsum restaurant with
heroin-chic design appeal, the corner deli with the best hot-pink cream puff
pinwheel in the city, etc).

There is compensation, and while I can’t say quite what it is, I can say that’s it’s pretty damn sweet. So if you are this person, or now this person, let me know. This is a pretty immediate need, so please please please let me know as soon as possible.

October 6, 2005