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October, 2005

My Favorite Blogs

I've been meaning to do this for a while. Rather than listing out my top 10 favorite blogs, here's a (pretty) full list of the blogs I enjoy the most. I've been working on this list over many weeks so it's quite possible I've missed something. If you think so or have a suggestion leave a comment or email me.

43 Folders: Merlin Mann shares with fellow netizens his world of lifehacks, Getting Things Done and Apple geekery.
Advertising/Design Goodness: Dubbed as "the best and sometimes the worst around the globe," this is the site of design/art director Frederik Samuel. There's lots of inspiring advertising here (that kind of feels like a strange thing to say).
AndrewTeman.org: He calls it an "international superblog." Who am I to disagree?
Anil Dash: He's a VP at Six Apart who (not surprisingly) likes to talk about blogging and digital culture.
Attention Trust Blog: Attention from the people that helped bring up the whole conversation.
Blogaholics: The name is completely appropriate. These two love to blog.
Bokardo: Josh Porter's blog about web design and usability. This guy knows his stuff.
Brand New: Gareth Kay works as a planner for an ad agency called Modernista! and writes about branding and communications.
cityofsound: Dan Hill's a London-based designer, he describes cityofsound as a "weblog on what information designers and information architects could learn from the way cities and buildings work, with particular reference points around adaptive design, architecture, interaction design, the user experiences around music and radio, emergence, new media colliding with old media, e-government - that sort of thing."
Connectivism Blog: George Siemens' blog about connectivism, a learning theory for the digital age.
Creating Passionate Users: A site about how to instill passion in the people who use your product. They write some amazing stuff.
creativebits: A site for designers (or those interested in design) who work on a Mac. Lots of good links and OS X tips.
Da' Bears Blog: A site by Bears fans for Bears fans. (Come on, I have to plug my own sites.)
Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog: Dan's more than just a Quicksilver savant (although he's that too).
Eide Neurolearning Blog: Two doctors write about learning and the brain.
Evhead: He created Blogger and now he's at it again with Odeo. He writes about the trials and tribulations of an early startup as well as lots of other random fun.
Fimoculous: Rex has more great links than he knows what to do with.
Functioning Form: Luke Wroblewski's blog on interface design.
Garrett Dimon: He's a CSS guru, design lover, pro-good writing as well as being a generally smart and interesting guy.
Hublog: Hacks lots of things together that range from very interesting to me all the way down to not the slightest bit interesting to me.
Incoming Signals: Lots of random links. Seriously, I'm pretty sure there's no method to his madness.
Information Aesthetics: Amazing blog that looks at the amazing ways people find to visualize information.
JLuster.org: Jonas Luster works for Technorati. He likes blogs and technology.
Kareem Mayan's Weblog: "A blog about customer experience, media, and emerging technologies," by a guy who used to work at ESPN.com and now works at Fox Interactive.
Kottke.org: Next.
Lifehack.org: Their description: "Daily digest and pointer on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks."
Lifehacker: My personal favorite of the lifehack sites.
Maeda's SIMPLICITY: Famous designer/programmer John Maeda writes about simplicity (mostly in design).
Manhattan Transfer: Two parts booze. One part New York City.
Many-to-Many: A group blog about social software by Clay Shirky, Ross Mayfield, Danah Boyd and many more.
More Cowbell: The best way to keep up with what musical act is on tour where.
Movalog: A great resource for Movable Type plugins/tips.
My Blog is Poop: Because poop jokes never get old.
PC4Media: Peter Caputa writes about what it's like to build an internet company and just about any other web-related topic you can imagine.
Plasticbag.org: As he describes it: "The personal site of Tom Coates, a London-based gay man interested in personal publishing, online communities/social software, collaborative media consumption, graphic design and technology..."
Pomo Blog: Terry Heaton talks about postmodernism, especially as it relates to the media.
RC3.org: Rafe Colburn's personal blog about technology, politics and some other random topics.
Read/Write Web: Richard McManus sounds off on web 2.0.
RSS Weblog: Fairly self explanatory. Member of the Weblogs, Inc. family.
Rushkoff.blog: Douglas Rushkoff's doesn't write here all that often, but when he does it's quite enjoyable.
SAW a Good Idea: The blog my company (Renegade Marketing) keeps. Lots of cool ideas on here.
Scobleizer: Robert Scoble, Microsoft geek blogger.
Scott Rafer's Mobile Chair: Scott's moved his attention away from the RSS space and into mobile, that means it's a good place to pay attention to.
ShaunInman.com: Designer Shaun Inman riffs on design, css, javascript and lots of other fun stuff.
Signal vs. Noise: The blog of 37signals. Revolves around web applications, design and business.
SimpleBits: Dan Cedarholm is a blogging CSS and web design guru.
Speak Up: Under Consideration's blog about graphic design.
Stopdesign: Because you can't possibly get enough talk about CSS and web design.
Speak Up: This is my favorite design commentary blog. It has a good amount of posts a day, not too many, not too few. Some of the writing is quite insightful, while other entries are just light and fun. I pretty much read every entry posted 'cause it's good like 'dat.
swissmiss: Tina Roth is a Swiss designer working in New York who finds many amazing design links every day.
taleoftwocities: One's in LA, one's in NYC, both party a lot.
This is Broken: Bad cusomter experiences documented.
Three Minds: Customer experience blog from Organic.
Tricks of the Trade: "Professional secrets from those in the know." Well said.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog: More Apple links than you could shake a stick at.
Veer: The Skinny: Veer sells "visual elements for creatives." Their blog, not surprisingly, features visual elements by creatives. Great links to videos, portfolios and the like.
Wages of Wins Journal: All about using statistical analysis to judge athletes.
Waxy.org Links: This is the first place I click when I open my browser. I would guess around 40% of the links you see on this site come from Andy. (I'd include his blog on this list but it's hardly ever updated.)
Welcome to Optimism: London-based advertising agency, Wieden + Kennedy's group blog. It's just a fun place where they talk about whatever the hell they feel like.
Whitespace: A blog about web design by Paul Scrivens, 9rules, Inc. CEO.
Wooster Collective: An awesome collection of street art photos from around the world.
xBlog: The "visual thinking weblog" by XPLANE, a company that specializes in information visualization.

Update (11/30/05): Added a few more blogs based on this entry highlighting eight design blogs I enjoy.

Update (6/14/06): More additions from this entry.

October 2, 2005
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