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Design Refresh

Those of you who look at this site will notice a bit of a change in the design (for those of you that read it via RSS, come on over and tell me what you think). I felt like it was time for a slight change for a few reasons:


I’d been flirting with standards for a while, but I hadn’t fixed up this site to meet them. Now that’s changed. The whole site is now XHTML and CSS standards complaint. (Most of the time at least, there are still certain little things, like the non-expiring New York Times links that don’t pass the old W3C test.)

Separated Links

While I still fight against this in theory, so many people have asked me to separate my links from my content. After a long contemplation I finally decided to give in. I’ve put all my links to the right side of the page, where I also plan to include some shorter blog entries in the future.

Less on the Homepage

Look, I know it’s a blog and “blogs always have all their content on the homepage,” but I was just getting tired of scrolling for six years. So now there’s one full entry and five excerpts on the home page. (Make sure to check out the green rainbow for the last five entries.)


Essentially the old version had no navigation. This was on purpose, as I still believe that pretty much everything you could have needed was easy enough to get to. With that said, it’s now a hell of a lot easier. There is a nav that included about, archives and contact at the top of each and every page on NoahBrier.com (and it moves up and down as you mouseover . . . ohhhhhhh . . . ).


I was kind of sick of not having a footer and because everything was positioned absolute, it wasn’t gonna happen. Now that everything’s all cleaned up however, a nice-looking footer was no problem at all.


This was really what kicked my ass into gear. 9rules is opening up submissions for 24 hours on the 14th of November. For those of you not familiar with 9rules, it’s a network of great blogs from all across the web. Some of my favorite bloggers including Richard McManus and Garrett Dimon (to name a few) are part of the crew and I would be honored to be included. So I’m gonna throw my refreshed site in the mix and see what happens.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the refresh and if you run into any difficulty please let me know either in the comments or by email. Thanks.

November 11, 2005