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Those subscribed to the NoahBrier.com RSS feed please read this.

For those that have been to the refreshed page (and if you haven’t go right now), you’ve noticed that I’ve split up my sidenotes and main entries, I did this for a bunch of reasons, many of which I already outlined. One of the reasons, though, was that I wanted to easily offer up an RSS feed just for my sidenotes (which includes both links and now “quickies” entries). So, without any further ado, I offer up:

NoahBrier.com’s Sidenotes RSS feed.

But I’ve also got a question for all you RSS readers out there. Now that I’ve got a separate feed for my links, would you rather I stopped including a daily link roundup in my feed? A while back I asked the same question, but I didn’t have the feed going. Some people have mentioned to me in the past that they’d rather not wade through my links every day. So tell me what you think. Please. Pretty please with sugar on top.

November 16, 2005