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December, 2005

I Love Links

It's about that time for another edition of my links roundup. (Just as a friendly reminder, it's easy to subscribe to my links with the Sidenotes RSS feed.) Anyway, it was another busy week, hence the serious slowdown in posts. I've been averaging just about three a week, which isn't terrible, but I think I can do better. Anyway, that's enough blabbering, here's what you've all been waiting for:



Four More

  1. Airbag Industries makes some big time 2006 predictions. ("Having written an app for everything already, Google will unveil an API to their cafeteria allowing bloggers to choose what employees will eat at lunchtime — Lutefisk will go ranked number 1 for 47 weeks straight.")
  2. New York Times Consumed columnist Rob Walker discusses CafePress and the idea of "Mass-Produced Individuality".
  3. Stylus Magazine's lists their top 50 singles and it includes my guilty pleasure Robyn - Be mine.
  4. In geek related news, Microsoft announced it will use Firefox's little orange RSS symbol in it's own products.

That's it for today. GO BEARS! Have a great weekend.

December 17, 2005
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