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Link Request: Carinval of Marketing

A while back my friend Noah (a fine name) started the Carnival of Marketing. Essentially each week a different blog hosts the Carnival, which features seven articles/entries/cartoons/quotes/etchings about marketing. This is my week. I’m scheduled for January 8.

So what, you ask? Well, what I need from you are links. They’ve got to be from this week (or roughly this week) and they’ve got to be about marketing. If you wrote them that’s great, if you didn’t that’s fine too. From all the wonderful links I will choose my favorite seven to be featured. Seems simple enough.

So, either leave a comment with your link, send it to me or email me at nb ***AT*** noahbrier.com. I’ll read them all.

Got it? Good.

Happy New Years.

January 1, 2006