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February, 2006

It's My Birthday

It's that time of year ladies and gentlemen. The one day that I get to call my own. That's right: today's my birthday. Now I'm not saying this to get birthday wishes or presents (though my Amazon wish list is always open). Rather, I'm telling all of you that my birthday is here to invite you to a party. My party. For my birthday. (Getting the theme?)


Here's the deal, straight from my birthday website (yeah I've got a birthday website -- and it's run by Whizspark at that!).

it's that time of year again. I am turning a year older and to celebrate I'm hoping everyone I know will show up and drink for a couple hours on the cheap. My name will be on the chalkboard, so I'm drinking free all night, but the rest of you can pony up $20 to drink all the beer and well drinks you want for two hours (starting around 9). If it's any added incentive, I can almost guarantee I'll embarrass myself, and you wouldn't want to miss that.

You can bring food or we can order some pizzas, or something else (they've got a ton of menus behind the bar). In addition they've got a jukebox and a pool table, just in case coming to see me three days after my day of birth wasn't a good enough reason to show up.

To all my blogging and non-blogging friends alike, I extend the invitation to you. Join me at Antarctica Bar (287 Hudson Street at Spring) around 8pm. The real festivities will get started at 9 (at least the open bar). Just pop over to http://www.heyitsnoah.com/birthday and RSVP. Look forward to seeing some of you there.

Also, a big shoutout to Pete Caputa for letting me test-drive Whizspark for the party invites, website, etc. I hope to have more of a writeup of the service in the near future.

February 22, 2006
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