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April, 2006

PHP 5.1.2 and Movable Type

A lot of things stopped working around here today. Haven't completely nailed the problem, but I believe it's because of PHP 5.1.2. If anyone's got any info about why Movable Type 3.2 dynamic publishing and PHP 5.1.2 might not play so well together, please let me know.

Essentially what was happening was that container tags were only looping through once. Actually, if you pop over to the archives, you can see the problem in action. Monthly archives only display one entry

Anyway, forgive the problems around here for the mean time. I'll try to get everything fixed.

Update (4/20/06): I fixed it! Turns out that PHP 5.12 doesn't play nice with the version of Smarty that comes with Movable Type 3.2. For those of you having this problem, all you need to do is go into the folder you installed Movable Type and open up the Smarty folder (php/extlib/smarty). There you should install Smarty 2.6.13 (older versions may work, this is what I installed). When you're all done, just go do a rebuild and everything should be back to normal.

Since I had a hell of a lot of trouble finding anyone else who had written about this problem, here are some Google keywords to help potential troubleshooters: dynamic publishing, movable type, mt, php 5.1.2, 5.1.2, error, problem, smarty, 3.2. Anyway, hope this helps someone out.

April 20, 2006
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