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2 Restaurants, 1 Article

Just got back from San Francisco and don’t have much to report at the moment. Just wanted to make two food recommendations to anyone on their way out (or if you live there and don’t know about them, I guess).


3324 Steiner Street (Isa on Citysearch)

Delicious food, family style with small plates. Really reasonably priced. Interesting combinations including Halibut with beets and Asparagus with pine nuts (as I remember).

Cafe Kati

1963 Sutter Street (cafekati.com)

This was a hotel recommendation (I stayed at the Majestic). California cuisine with some Asian flare. Really solid. A bit on the pricey side.

Also, for those interested, I’ve got an article over at iMedia that I cowrote with the president of Renegade titled “What to Expect from CGC”. CGC apparently is what the cool kids are calling “consumer generated content” . . . who knew. Anyhow, here’s the summary: “Renegade execs predict that the branding opportunities of the future lie in filtering, repackaging and ultimately paying for quality consumer-generated content.” Go read the whole thing. Now!

May 1, 2006