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July, 2006

Another Week, Another Link

It's been a while since I did one of a roundup of the latest links. If you've missed it I suggest, as usual, you subscribe to the sidenotes. In the meantime, though, here are what I think are my five favorite links from the last week (in no specific order):

  1. Fimoculous 3.0: Fimoculous is the blog of Rex Sorgatz. The majority of the content on the blog are fantastic links elsewhere. Rex used to do a weekly (or so) wrap-up, but has since decided to change the format and in the process redesign the site. In this post he highlights his thinking behind the current redesign (which is mostly on the homepage). Basically he's decided to use his site as a personal aggregator, pulling together all his data from elsewhere around the web. As he puts it, "Once you start thinking of your life as aggregation potential, you start to wonder about all kinds of possibilities. ("How dangerous would it be to expose my clickstream?") Although this isn't revoluationary thinking, I like the idea that this site updates even when I'm not explicitly creating content for it. When you start to think about your blog as a receptacle for capturing all parts of your online life (and perhaps even your non-digital life), you can start to imagine a constantly updating page of personal data. To get metaphysical for a moment, the self-aggregator becomes another version of you."
  2. Making Something Meaningful: Anil Dash takes technology to task for not making his life better. He echoes the sentiments that almost every person that interacts with the web has felt in an eloquent way.
  3. 2006 so far: This comes from the blog of advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy London. It's an incredibly honest evaluation of the first six months of 2006. It's refreshing to see a big agency willing to be so open. This to me is the meaning of a corporate blog. I applaud the agency and the blog, welcome to optimism.
  4. The Second Crop of Mac Ads is Finally Here!: I hate those new "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads. I think the Mac guy comes off like a pompous prick and they overemphasize many PC problems (for the record, I am a Mac user). Lucky for us, the bestweekever saw many of the same flaws and decided to spoof the commercials. Great stuff.
  5. At the New Jetblue Terminal, Passengers May Pirouette to Gate 3: I love it when unlikely teams form to solve problems. Like architect/design David Rockwell hiring choreographer Jerry Mitchell to help him create the new terminal for Jetblue at JFK. The Times piece is a great look at how a deep understanding of the audience can lead to better results. It's multidisciplinary collaboration at it's best.

One last thing, Max Kalehoff works at Buzzmetrics and is looking for a marketing manager. Max is a very cool and smart guy and Buzzmetrics is doing some amazing stuff to understand online buzz. If you live in New York (or are moving here) and are interested, check out a more detailed description over at Max's blog. Also, if anyone is or knows of a copywriter who might be looking for some work, drop me a line.

July 11, 2006
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