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July, 2006

Newly Discovered: twttr

It's been awhile since I stumbled upon a new service that made me say wow, but I've finally got a new one to add to the 'newly discovered' list. It's called twttr and it's simple:

Sign up. Send a text message to 40404. You've got a mobile blog.

There's more to the service, but at the moment all I'm using it for is just writing myself notes. If I'm out and see a friend and want to remember their email, 40404 it. If I'm in the bookstore and see something I want to buy off Amazon, 40404 it. If I'm reading in the park . . . you get the drift.

It's super simple, it doesn't cost anything (assuming you have unlimited text messages) and it does something I seriously need (give me a place to keep notes). Once they add an API/RSS feed to get my data out of there and some way to edit something you've sent, the service will be amazing. Not sure how they're going to make money off it, but if you're reading this, I think I'd be willing to pay a subscription fee.

Anyhow, if you want to keep up with my thoughts/notes, jump over to twttr.com/heyitsnoah. Nothing overly exciting at the moment, but that's cool.

July 30, 2006
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