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July, 2006

Two Ideas

I've had two pseudo-money making ideas in the last few days and I figured I might come right out and tell everyone about them to see if they make any sense.

The first is a job board/blog. The idea here is that lately I've been hearing about a ton of interesting jobs. I want a place to pass these opportunities I hear about on to like-minded individuals. Unlike a regular job website, it's not a place anyone can post. It's exclusive. I've got to be sold on/connected with the place to post the job. It's got to be something I think is cool. The idea here is that if I act as a filter (and do a good job), it should have some pretty interesting stuff on it (like this opportunity at Buzzmetrics).

The second idea is to compile a nightly (if I could pull it off), PDF that could be printed out by commuters. Included would be a number of interesting articles from the day for you to read on your ride home.

In the end, both of these are based around me as a trusted filter. This is one of the most interesting things going on in advertising for me at the moment. Looking at The DECK for example, you see a network that only accepts ads for companies it knows/respects/uses. With the way blogs work as a trusted source, it's a simple extension to offer recommended goods and services.

Enough babbling, what do you think? Anything to either idea?

July 13, 2006
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