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likemind ny+sf


This is an extra special likemind announcement: For the first time likemind will be in two cities on the same day. Both NY and SF likeminds will have a chance to sit around, drink coffee and chat with other interesting folks.

Background for those who haven’t been: Piers and I started it about four months ago as a way for likeminds to meet. There’s no structure or moderator, just a bunch of people chatting about whatever with whoever they want. Special thanks to Tad and Mark who will be playing the part of Piers and I in SF.

Without any further ado, here’s the info:


when: friday, october 20 at 8am (EST)

where: sNice, 45 Eighth Avenue, at West 4th Street, NYC (GOOGLE MAPS)


when: friday, october 20 at 8am (PST)

where: Cafe Madeline, 300 California Street, at Battery, SF (GOOGLE MAPS)

Once again, if you’re interested all you’ve got to do is show up. You can get more info and sign up to stay informed at likemind.us. I hope to see some of you there.

October 16, 2006