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November, 2006

Just the Facts

Just got back from a weekend in Chicago watching the Chicago Bears lose. Also have a pretty busy rest of the week ahead of me. So, I think I'm going to give you all some links and let you talk amongst yourselves. I still need to respond to my Netflix post and write more about binary and ambiguity, and promise to when I get a few minutes. Thanks so much to everyone who commented. If you haven't been following in the comments, it's really worth a read, that's where all the action is.

Now for the links (in no order).

Actually, before I hit the links, Renegade, where I work, got some serious love from Media magazin. We were profiled as an "Idea Factory" and the story includes a few choice quotes from yours truly. (By the way, if you're in NYC and looking for a job at a marketing agency, send your resume my way.)

And now onto the show.

The FACT edition

That about wraps it up. If you have anything else to talk about or some good links to share, do it in the comments please. Hopefully regular posting will resume in short order. Until then, please accept my apologies.

November 8, 2006
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