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November, 2006

likemind x 4


It's time for another likemind and I swear after this round we will come up with a more permanent schedule. For this round we'll be hitting up four cities: New York (Piers and I), San Francisco (Mark and Tad), Seattle (Scott and Elizabeth) and Oslo (Nick and Trude.

It's been amazing to watch this thing grow from a whim Piers and I had into a global empire (well, maybe not empire). Thanks so much to everyone who's come out, it's really been amazing to meet so many of you. Those who are not in New York, I hope you'll make it to one of the other cities. Also, watch out for some new ones come the New Year, we've got a couple of expansions in the works.

All festivities start at 8am local time except for Oslo, where 9am is the new 8am.

For all the location info and everything else visit likemind.us (since we're now global the .us stands for us, not United States -- just thought I'd add that).

November 28, 2006
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