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February, 2007

Bear Down

I tried to start writing something this morning more substantial this morning and couldn't. Last night's Bears loss was completely deflating.

I do want to get something accomplished today, though, so I thought a link post was in order.

  • Some guy wrote a book saying bloggers are a lonely bunch. From my experience this couldn't be farther from the truth. As I wrote in the comments of CK's post: "Most of the bloggers I know personally are far more social than the non-bloggers. Part of why they do this is to make connections and meet new people." For some more insightful commentary on the topic check out what Ryan Anderson has to say. (As a side not I have met both CK and Ryan in person and count them as friends.)
  • Indexed is one of my new favorite blogs. I won't even try to explain it, just go there.
  • People love to point to porn as the biggest driver of technological change. With Sony not allowing porn on Blu-ray discs people are wondering whether it's going to give HD DVD the big advantage. Max smartly focuses the attention on the real issue: The future of video is digital delivery, not physical media. Most telling quote: "Vivid Entertainment, which is a very large content provider in the adult entertainment space, at this point in time, 40 percent of their business is on DVD discs, and that’s down from 80 percent five years before that. Most of their business seems to be shifting to cable and satellite TV, Internet and wireless applications." Amazing.
  • Speaking of Max, his company, BuzzMetrics is looking for a web marketing manager in NYC. Max is one of the best minds in the marketing industry (in my humble opinion) and anyone would be lucky to work with him and learn from him (I know I have). BuzzMetrics is a great company doing some very cool work. If you're interested all the info for applying is on their career page or if you'd rather, drop me a line and I'll pass your info onto Max directly.
  • I try to read everything Terry Heaton writes. I think he might just be the smartest media thinker out there. His latest essay is no exception: The Local Web.
  • Slightly late, but last week Da Bears Blog got a nice article in the Chicago Tribune. My quote: "I personally don't like the way blogs look in general, I prefer to start from scratch and control everything."
  • Thrillist, the email newsletter for guys, just started up an LA edition. Get yourself on the list.
  • Speaking of Thrillist, they're looking for a tech person (basic web programming, page design, maintenance stuff I believe) in NYC to come on and help them grow their business. If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll pass on your info. They're very cool guys and they've got a great product.

That's it. Time to return to reality. Only seven months until football season starts again.

February 5, 2007
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