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February, 2007

Random SF

[Editor's Note: I'm still hanging out in (or around) San Francisco (so if you want to get together, drop me a line.]

I've got a bunch of random stuff to talk about/link to and I figured I'd just throw it all together to make for a fun Monday morning.

  1. Thanks for all the kind words about the new job, it really means a lot.
  2. I may or may not have invented a new kind of blogging today. I had a few hours around Palo Alto to burn so I started walking. About 20 minutes in, I decided to take pictures and post my thoughts as I moved along. When all was said and done I was left with 14 photos/thoughts from my two hour walk (make sure you read the stuff that goes along with the pictures). I'm thinking about calling it wogging and will definitely be doing it more often (maybe even tomorrow in San Francisco).
  3. As might be expected, the other Noah did a great job with Community Next. It was a nice combination of down-to-earth lessons from people who run communities and some higher level thinking about what a community is/needs. The Threadless guys did a great presentation (good writeup over at Wired) and there were a few other interesting tidbits throughout the day (be passionate about your community, hire your best users, realize your community outnumbers you by a huge percentage). If there's any interest I can write more about what I heard/thought about, but most of the time I find conference notes on blogs incredibly tedious and boring.
  4. Observation of the Day: Men's room lines are really long at tech conferences.
  5. likemind is coming up this Friday, February 16th. For those playing along at home we're in 13 cities around the world this month and counting: NY, SF, Seattle, Oslo, Boston, LA, Dallas, London, Minneapolis, Malmo (Sweden), Ancona (Italy), Orlando and Jakarta. Also, my good friend Michael Surtees was kind enough to help us with a new logo and some additional goodies that will be debuted this round. (You'll have to be there to see it all . . . )
  6. New York to San Francisco airplane reading: Open Secrets (Malcolm Gladwell on how the Enron scandal may not have been as cut and dry as everyone made it out to be), Tiny Slice, Big Market (Clay Shirky on the meganiche), The Best Town to Make an Upper Lip Stiff (New York Times on London as the hottest cocktail town in the world), Say Everything (New York Magazine article on controlled exposure -- or as Chris Anderson has more successfully dubbed it, radical transparency) and How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century (Time Magazine on exactly what the title says).
  7. Last, but not least, I'm starting to think a redesign for this site is in order. I really love this iteration, but there's a number of features (most important of which is community) that I'd like to add. I just want to throw this out there and request that if you have any thoughts or ideas, likes or dislikes, please throw them in the comments or email them to me.)

I think that's it for now. Have a great week and if you're around SF and want to meet up, let me know.

February 12, 2007
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