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March, 2007

Midnight Art Series

My friend Brian came up with the idea for the Midnight Art Series about a month ago. I'm not entirely sure what brought it on, but he asked me if I'd be a part of it. Essentially ten people get together at midnight on a Friday night (last evening) and are given a prompt and color palette. From there they need to create ten pieces which will be exhibited and then distributed, one each, to the other participants.

For the inaugural go of this the prompt is:

Grace Under Fire

And the color palette is:

Purple and Silver

I thought it might be fun to update this during the day with photos and thoughts I have. You can follow all the action at Flickr.

And if anyone has any brilliant thoughts, feel free to leave them in the comments. I've got an idea at the moment, but I'm by no means stuck to it.

Update (3:25pm): So I think I have a basic idea at this point. I have taken a bunch of small print from cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, etc. and laid it out on a single page. I have purple paper to print on and silver paper to lay it on top of. I am going to try and cut grace right into it.


Update (4:00pm): One down, nine to go . . .


Update (7:18pm): One more to go . . . . I'm quite tired of cutting things. Sorry for the crappy quality, took it on my BlackBerry.

Update (7:41): All done. Finally. Ten down.


Update (4/1/07): All done and have had about a day to reflect. Beyond being quite exhausted at this point it was a fabulous experience and idea. I found myself doing something so far from my regular routine that it was freeing. Seeing all the work yesterday evening was absolutely amazing. Ten people took the same prompt and went in incredibly different directions: Bicycles, eggs, icebergs, typography, photography, illustration . . . It was amazing. As soon as we get a site up with the scans I will make sure to post a link.

Thanks for following along, hope you enjoyed.

March 31, 2007
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