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Post-FMS, Pre-PSFK

Next week is big for marketing events in NYC. Monday is Future Marketing Summit and Tuesday is the PSFK Conference.

To celebrate, Gareth and I have decided to co-host a little shindig.


When: Monday, March 5 at 7pm
Where: Spring Lounge on 48 Spring Street (at Mulberry)
Who: Anyone that feels like having some beers

I’m pretty sure that’s it. Feel free to tell anyone, pass the word along, anything else. There’s no RSVP (though if you want to let me know you’re going to be there that’d be cool). Essentially Gareth and I shall show up and drink beers with whomever else walks through the door.

Hope to see you then.

On, and help spread the word. Feel free to grab that graphic and do with it what you will.

March 1, 2007