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April, 2007

Keeping Busy

Just wanted to catch everyone up real quick on things that have been keeping me busy. The purpose of this is (a) to justify why I haven't been writing all that much and (b) I can't think of a good second reason.

Naked stuff

Been working on two especially notable things (at least that I can talk about here). One is a construction (both physical and digital) that should be unveiled relatively soon and the other is a digital day. The latter happens to be today and I like to think I've put together a fairly killer lineup:

Google: Always On
Naked: Jargon Buster
360i: Search Trends
MTV: Social Media
Publishing 2.0: What is Content?
Thrillist: Building an Audience Without a Media Budget
Engadget: Blogs

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked and will be sure to let you know how it turns out.

Crossroads of Media and Technology

Next Friday I'm going out to University of Montana to talk about the crossroads of media and technology. This is all rather sudden and I'm trying to pull together some topic areas, which I'd greatly appreciate your help and thoughts.

Some other stuff I think I should touch on though haven't figured out how it fits in: community, transparency, aggregation and attention. So, please, please, please, give me any feedback or thoughts you have. It would be incredibly helpful.


I've also been catching up on lots of reading. Some of the highlights:


Once again we've expanded, bringing the total up to 21. Some big cities added to the mix this round: New Orleans (hosted by michael and lauren), Portland (hosted by sage and [a different] lauren), Chicago (hosted by clay and mark) and Jesi, Italy (hosted by michele and lorenzo). Anyway, there will be a full likemind post coming soon, but next Friday, April 20th is the next round. Go check the site for all the info.


Oh, and I got a Wii. Awesome, simply awesome.

April 12, 2007
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