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May, 2007

House of Naked

Over the last few months I've been working on a semi-secret project. Just about the first day I got to Naked I started working on a blog for our New York Office. Well, it's finally time to unveil it (since AdWeek did a bit of spoiling). Anyway, it's called House of Naked, it belongs to the New York Office of Naked Commications and I think it's pretty sweet.

Here's the entry I just posted over there explaining what the site is all about. As you'll see, it's a bit different than most other corporate blogs.

Well, it seems the cat's out of the bag. We've been putting together this site for a few months now and I guess it's just about ready for the prime time (or as just about ready as it will ever be). Part of the point of House of Naked is to continually refine and iterate, so I can't imagine it will ever actually be done.

With that said, we're pretty happy with what we've got at the moment and think it's worth doing a bit of explaining. You see, this site is a bit of an experiment in transparency. The aggregator (on the right side of the homepage) is actually pulling in links from across the web (blogs, del.icio.us, twitter and flickr). The basic idea is that the people who work here already do lots of blogging elsewhere. They post pictures and save links on other sites, so why not use that for our own site? This does two things I think, one it allows people to add content to the site without thinking about it and two, it gives this site some real personality. For the most part these are not run through some 'Naked filter', it's just us being us.

It's always struck me as slightly odd that companies try to make group blogs that have a single, 'corporate', voice. A large part of what makes a business run is the people who are part of it and those people don't all have the same personality (at least I hope not). Anyway, what I hope this will become is a place for people to bring their own thoughts, ideas and insights. To be honest, it's probably most interesting for us, but that's cool. If all this site turns out to be is a great tool for Naked, then we've accomplished something.

Anyway, that's enough from me. Welcome to the site. Feel free to poke around. If you find anything broken, please let us know. Thanks for coming by.

Oh, and big ups to Joe, Fangohr and Uncommon Projects for making this happen.

Just as a side note, I promise not to do a lot of cross-posting or any of that. Part of the wonder of the site is that I can contribute just by adding to this one. So please pop over to the House of Naked and if you've got any thoughts, leave them in the comments or drop me a line.

May 28, 2007
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