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In Brief

I’m just going to jump right into this one . . .

  • First off a shout out to PSFK London. It’s going on next week (Friday June 1), there’s a ton of great people speaking (including two Naked folks and friends Tamara, Johnny, Russell and Amelia). I went to the New York one and it was honestly one of the best conferences I’ve been to. Instead of the normally boring chatter and useless stuff, there was genuine interestingness.
  • Speaking of recommendations, went back to Hangawi on 32nd Street between 5th and Madison last night. It’s a Korean vegetarian restaurant that’s absolutely amazing. I’m definitely not vegetarian (far from it), but this place is absolutely amazing. If you go make sure to order the Emperor Rolls as an appetizer.
  • Google hot trends came out in the last few days and its pretty amazing. It appears to give you a snapshot of what search trends are hot for the day, including a deeper page that shows you related searches, news, pages, etc. It’s really a pretty amazing system and a serious clue in to how search starts to look a lot like intelligence when you aggregate enough people together. (Though, as Wendy kindly enough point out to me, these lists are often edited.)
  • Real Costs is a very cool Firefox extension that shows you the emissions data when you’re on sites like Orbitz. Pretty cool stuff.
  • Chris Anderson has been kind enough to post his top five business books. Normally business books are boring and fairly useless after the first few chapters, but I may have to give his a try.

Last I’ll leave you with a great video from Good Magazine (via Greg). Check out the Good channel on Yahoo! for lots more stuff, or for a racier one check out their video on internet porn (probably NSFW, though there’s no actual nudity — it’s lots of skin).

Anyway, I leave you with “what advertisers are paying for your attention” . . . .

Have a nice day.

May 23, 2007