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likemind Friday!

Hey everyone, life has hit a crazy patch. Between working my ass off and trying to wake up at 6am to go the gym, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for anything else. Hopefully it will subside slightly by the middle of next week. Until then I apologize for the lack of updates.

With all that said, likemind is this Friday, May 18th and we’re in 25 cities around the world (which is pretty insane). New ones include Beijing, Missoula (Montana) and Istanbul. You can check out all the cities at likemind.

In case you’ve never been/heard of it, likemind is a little thing Piers and I started about a year ago. Essentially you turn up at a coffee shop in the morning and chat with other interesting folks while enjoying some free coffee courtesy of Anomaly. It’s good fun. If you show up at the NYC one and we haven’t met before, please make sure to say hi. My picture is on the upper-right corner of my home page (in case you’re an RSS reader).

That’s about it. If you ever come here and are bothered by the fact that there’s no new content, you can always check out my currently-in-production blogroll (or my very out of date one).

May 16, 2007