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May, 2007

Montana Links

Anyone who's met me knows that I have a tendency to throw out a fair amount of links in the course of conversation. Well, give me a few hours and that number starts to add up pretty quickly. About halfway through I started keeping a list and I promised to post it when I was done. Anyway, I've finally gotten around to it.

Many of you have probably seen a lot of these links, sorry for any overlap. Also, I promise I will write real entries again some time soon.

  • Naked Communications: The place I work
  • Designs for Working: Gladwell article on office design and the different roles people play within that environment.
  • Digg: Social (mostly tech) news site where people vote for their favorite stories (which then appear on the homepage)
  • Flickr: The best photo site on the planet (now owned by big Y!)
  • Little Snitch: Program for Mac OS X that tells you when other programs are connecting to the internet.
  • StumbleUpon: Browse the web and see what other people think along the way/find new sites. (I've never used it, so if that's a shitty description someone please correct it.)
  • PSFK: Best place for trends.
  • Threadless: Very cool T-Shirt site where people submit designs and others vote for their favorite which is then produced (and a prize is awarded to the winner).
  • Twitter: Basically it's short form blogging from your mobile phone or instant messenger.
  • Dodgeball: Text Dodgeball, tell them what bar you're at, all your friends find out.
  • del.icio.us: Awesome site for saving your bookmarks in public. Allows you to tag and easily search them.
  • Fundamental Unit of the Web: Kottke.org article from two years ago that I constantly quote.
  • The Blog Sits at the: Grant McCracken's blog. An anthropologist by trade, he's one of the smartest guys out there on the topic of brands, marketing and culture.
  • Convergence Culture: Book by MIT professor Henry Jenkins about the current state of the media world.
  • Confessions of an Aca-Fan: Henry Jenkins awesome blog.
  • Dick in a Box: SNL music video featuring Justin Timberlake that NBC used an interesting strategy to spread. Along with the regular version that ran on TV they released an explicit version just for the web on their site only (originally at least . . . I believe). As a side note, Ikea dick in the box instructions.
  • Operators are Standing By: The story of New York City's 311 service.
  • Google Mobile: Lots of good apps for your mobile phone including Gmail and Maps
  • Creating Passionate Users: An excellent blog by Kathy Sierra all about, well . . . creating passionate users.
  • The Long Tail: Original article by Chris Anderson that appeared in Wired in October of 2004.
  • Marketing 2.0: Blog entry I wrote in November of 2005
  • Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab: Very smart blog on the economics of new media. Doesn't get updated much anymore unfortunately.
  • AttentionMax: Blog written by Max Kalehoff of Buzzmetrics on just about everything having to do with marketing, media and life (at least that's what it says in his header).
  • Is Justin Timberlake the Product of Cumulative Advantage: Interesting article from the New York Times wondering just how good we are at predicting hits.
  • The Machine is Us/ing Us: Great video explaining Web 2.0

I think that's about it. For those of you that were there, did I miss anything?

Update (5/3/07): Added link to Machine is Us/ing Us video. Thanks Rick!

May 2, 2007
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