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June, 2007

Catch Up (and Friday Happy Hour)

Okay, so I'm back. Have lots to talk about, but just wanted to tie up a few loose ends with a quick post before I dig back into blogging for real.

First off, huge huge huge thank you to all my guest bloggers. I can't tell you how it felt to have such incredibly brilliant people writing on my site while I was away. I can't imagine it's possible to have left it in better hands. Tad, Todd, Erik, Charles, Steve and Andrew you are all amazing! When I get settled I plan on responding to each post.

Second, since I have been out of town for a while I've decided to do a little happy hour this Friday, July 22nd. Here are the details:

Where: Sweet & Vicious, 5 Spring Street (off Elizebeth)
When: Friday, June 22nd at 6pm until whenever

What I'd love is to for everyone to host with me. So, if you're in NYC why don't you make it your happy hour as well. Just leave a comment with your name and I'll add it to the list of hosts. Then invite everyone you know and we'll make it a party. Sound cool?


David Castillo

I think that's it. Happy to be home. Will give you all the full Israel rundown soon.

June 18, 2007
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