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July, 2007

Street Mining

Last weekend I had brunch with my friend Pam. After enjoying a long and relaxing meal we started walking around Soho, showing each other our favorite somewhat hidden spots. After the third or fourth stop Pam said something to the effect of, "we should make this into a thing . . . it's fun to go exploring and introduce people to new places." I got incredibly excited, as I've had a similar idea for a while and have been waiting for someone to do it with.

So, let me introduce . . .


That's right, street mining. Here's the description we put up on the site: "street mining is pretty simple: once a month a bunch of people get together and go walk the streets. each month is guided by a different person showing off their favorite gems. anyone's invited, so why not come exploring? " The first one is saturday, july 28th. If you're interested, pop over to the site and sign up for emails. That's going to be the only way to find out where to meet.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited. I think it's going to be great. Pam is going to lead the first exploration and I hope to see some of you there.

July 5, 2007
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