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October, 2007

drinks in sf tonight

[This is an email I sent to friends in sf. I decided to post it here and invite all you as well.]

Hi everyone I know who lives in or around SF, I was thinking about getting a bunch of people together Monday night for some drinks before I leave town for the other coast. If you're so inclined and available, here are the details:

Time: 6pm
Date: Monday, October 22ndm
Location: Rye, 688 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102 -- http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/profile/41873212/san_francisco_ca/rye.html

Rye is a cocktail bar with delicious drinks. It's a bit expensive, but you can always grab a beer instead of a cocktail (but really, the cocktails are quite delicious).

Obviously feel free to tell friends, post on blogs, scream from building-tops about it. The more the merrier.

Thanks and hope you're all well.

- Noah

October 22, 2007
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