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likemind Global Question

As with most months, I like to remind people that likemind is happening. We’re in 37 cities (if my counting is right) and we’re pretty excited to be opening our first dual city this month as likemind Brooklyn joins Manhattan (we felt like the time was right).


What’s extra exciting for this month, though, is the realization of an idea Piers and I have been bouncing around for a while. We’re going to see what happens when we throw a question out to the likemind network. It’s a bit scary, since the beauty of likemind is it’s free-formness, but we are quite committed to keeping things that way. No one is required to talk about it, but we thought it might be a nice way to meet new people you otherwise wouldn’t chat with (it’s much easier to start a conversation off a prompt you’ve been given).

Anyway, this month’s question is: “If you were to rebuild your city from scratch, how would you build it differently and what would you keep the same?”

Got any thoughts?

Update (10/17/07): I am headed out to SF tomorrow AM. Will be there Friday for Influx Ideas (and hopefully stop by likemind). If you’re around, drop me a line.

October 17, 2007