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More Presentations (and Other Stuff)

So I’m really digging SlideShare at the moment. It’s a great way to share presentations and the embed functionality is pretty killer. It’s pretty hard to believe Google hasn’t added embedability to it’s presentations yet (or has it and I just don’t know about it).

Anyway, I finally got around to posting the presentation I gave when I went out to Montana in May. Here it is (if you want the PDF, download it here):

Now onto another presentation, this one comes from this month’s likemind global question: “If you were to rebuild your city from scratch, how would you build it differently and what would you keep the same?” Piers was kind enough to put it into list form and we’ve got the full presentation over at the likemind site.

And now for some random links . . .

Okay, that’s it for now. Off to Jacksonville. See you later.

October 30, 2007