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January, 2008

Happy 2008

I was planning on holding off posting this, however, Google has locked me out from sending emails after I sent out a massive New Years note last night (if you want to go back to the other posts, here is my best links of 2007 volume 1 and volume 2). So for those of you that have written me back, I will respond as soon as I'm allowed to send mail again. For those that I didn't get to send to before the lockout or whose emails I don't have, here's the "card" I included . . .


I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank those of you who commented on the site. I got about 800 this year and I wanted to personally thank every one of you. It means an incredible amount to me when someone finds something interesting enough to add their own two cents. It still blows me away that I can put some half-baked thoughts out there and get such amazing responses. So without further ado . . . (in chronological order from the first time they commented in 2007)

Vaspers, Michael, Max, CK, Alex, Adrian, Liz, Justin, Jeff, El Gaffney, Candice, Joe, Michael, Josh, Johanna, Nate, Mike, David, Barbara, Andrew, Abe, Adam, David, Bonnie, Chris, Shana, Aaron, Charles, Arienna, Gregory, Kevin, Marc, David, Charles, Jason, Paul, Russell, Amber, Josh, Range, (The Other) Noah, KG, Chris, Harris, Chet, Erik, Karl, Jarrett, Christian, Devin, Shobita, Paul, Mark, Peter, Akhila, Debbie, Ed, Jack, Tad, Steve, kt, Drew, Ori, Eric, Phil, Ronnie, Clay, Bb, Martin, Herb, Kim, Kathy, Scott, Christina, Tyson, Minic, Brian, Dino, Joey, Kyle, Ryan, Onika, Scott B., Brian, David, Sarah, R, Michelle, Matt, Brad, Stephen, Sokratis, Dave, Oakie, Jeck, Ian, Lebbonee, Leah, Andy, Tiffany, Jamie, Adam, Philip, Lon, Mark, George, Bryce, Amanda, Ben, Chartreuse, Sonali, Stephanie, Ari, Sarah S., Satish, Eric, Michelle, Heron, Scott, Headphonenaught, Athur, Jeff, Christina, Pam, Damiano, Erin, Evan, Silvia, Rebecca, Katie, Rob, Michael G., Tim, Christian, James, Miguel, Dan, Mike A., Johnny, MJM, Antonio, Jamie, Brian, Paull, Ross, Dave A., Matthew, Courtney, Michael, Ryan A., Dan, Orli, Fraser, Esther, Ray, Nichelle, Jamie, Mark S., Monica, Joe, Michael, Florian, Pieter, Carmen, Amit, Meba, Benton, Tangerine Toad, Rashmi, MC, Diana, Lindy, Wes, Nandhu, Angus, Seni, Joshua, Dave, Ryan G., Jay.

A huge thanks to each and every one of you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the feedback and support. You're all great. For anyone I missed, I'm sorry. For anyone that didn't comment last year and felt like it, why not give it a try now? Or just email me and say hi.

January 2, 2008
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