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February, 2008

How Much Does it Buy?

Yesterday as I was staring at the $44.6 billion Microsoft has offered for Yahoo! I got to thinking, "what else could you buy for that?" Instead of doing a whole bunch of math on the spot, I decided to tell Joe (of Holy Crap! Facts) and we built a site to answer the question. How Much Does it Buy? is a currency converter for the rest of us, telling you how much that giant sum will buy you in A380s (146 instead of Yahoo!), boob jobs (6,371,428 of the silicone variety), cows (47,130,930 1,000 pounders), elephants (2,260,975 without food), gold, iPhones, kidneys on the black market, pork bellies, stars (from the Internation Star Registry), ThighMasters and unleaded gas. It was really just for fun, but I thought it was worth sharing. I actually am pulling commodity prices dynamically as well, which was kind of a fun problem to figure out.
February 6, 2008
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