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April, 2008

For All You Do, Bud, This Blog Is About You

Wall Street Journal story on Miller's Brew Blog, which is written by an ex-AdAge staffer and writes about the beer industry. The site is apparently not afraid of going on the offensive towards Anheuser-Busch and has scooped a few stories to date (which have been spun quite favorably in Miller's direction). The site is completely transparent (says "brought to you by the Miller Brewing Co." at the top) and has apparently upset the trade press who see it as serious competition (pretty amazing to think of trade press coming from a company involved in the trade). My favorite quote from the WSJ piece: '"They are trying to aggressively go around the gatekeepers' in newsrooms and the trade press, says Stephen Quigley, an associate professor of public relations at Boston University. 'It's something you couldn't do five years ago," before the proliferation of blogs.'"
April 28, 2008
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