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April, 2008

NYU Going Global

New York Magazine has an interesting article about NYU's decision to open a fully accredited Abu Dhabi branch. This is interesting to me for a few reasons: First, I'm an NYU grad. Second "Homosexual activity is illegal in the United Arab Emirates, and those found guilty of drug use, prostitution, or adultery can be sentenced to flogging," quite a departure from life around Washington Square Park. Third, Abu Dhabi is turning a desert island into "the most highbrow cultural theme park on Earth," complete with Zaha Hadid designed performing arts center (that may be associated with Lincoln Center), Frank Gehry designed Guggenheim and Jean Nouvel designed Louvre (along with NYU's campus of course). Needless to say many New York-based faculty members are up in arms.
April 18, 2008
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