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June, 2008

Quick & Dirty Tumblr Survey

My friend Amit (of Photojojo and Jelly fame) is doing a little survey about tumblr. He's going to make all the data available. So, if you use tumblr and have a few minutes to spare, go fill it out. I'm not sure if I've written this before, but I think tumblr is 1) a fascinating idea and also 2) nicely illustrative of the New York tech scene at the moment. One, because I think there's a big opportunity for super targeted blogging platforms. If you think about it, tumblr is essentially a CMS made only for reblogging. Makes me think about all the other single use CMS's that could be built. Two because it's less about tech and more about behavior/design. The tech behind tumblr isn't that complicated, it's a CMS (and not a particularly robust one at that). However, it's perfectly suited for it's task (reblogging) and beautifully designed. There's no fancy algorithm behind it or anything else.
June 23, 2008
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