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July, 2008

likemind turns 2

Yesterday was likemind's 2nd birthday. I didn't realize it until a friend mentioned it in the afternoon, but exactly 2 years earlier we had gotten together for coffee in NYC at s'nice. What's also amazing for me is that it marks the two year anniversary for a few of my friends, who I met at that first likemind. That's pretty amazing. For those that haven't been around the site for that long, let me tell the story of likemind again, because I like it. Just over two years ago I asked if anyone felt like getting a cup of coffee or a beer, Piers wrote me an email and said we should meet up, which eventually turned into a few emails back and forth that ended with us holding the first likemind. It was fun and has changed my life. I've met so many awesome people and had such a blast doing it. I've now been to likeminds in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Austin, SF and London and I've enjoyed every one.
July 22, 2008
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