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July, 2008

Making Stuff on the Internet

The fine people at Behance were kind enough to ask if they could interview me for their magazine. Incredibly flattered, I of course said yes and now the interview is up at behancemag.com. It's mostly about one of my favorite topics, "making stuff on the internet", and includes lots of ideas and quotes you've probably read around here. Here's a little bit to whet your appetite: “My two most successful personal projects to date have been likemind and brand tags. As for getting them off the ground, they've been quite different, but have shared one important thing. For both of them I was quite involved and spent a lot of time emailing every single person who asked a question back. I think that personal contact/feedback is quite important (I still thank every person who signs up for the likemind mailing list). Being involved on that level allows me to get to know the people who are coming to likemind/using brand tags and helps me come up with new ideas for ways to expand.” Go read the whole thing. Big thanks to Michael for making it happen.
July 17, 2008
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