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August, 2008

The Choice of a Woman

As I was reading all this stuff about McCain's choice of Palin as his VP I started to get increasingly offended. The statement I kept reading over and over again was something to the extent of, "McCain's choice of Palin is an effort to woo women who were pro-Hillary." What I wasn't reading, from either left or right leaning media, was just how sexist a statement like this was. Do we really believe that there is this giant pocket of women out there who are all of a sudden going to turn their backs on what they believe in and vote for someone just because they have some chromosomes in common? In my bit of bubbling rage, I ran across this entry from Danah Boyd where she echoes my sentiments exactly (or as close to exactly as possible since I wasn't speaking as a woman obviously). In her entry she writes: "As a woman, I'm offended. I'm offended that McCain is choosing a woman who is clearly ill-equipped to be the president of this country in an effort to woo over Hillary's supporters. I'm offended because McCain's decision is one of the most misogynist ones I've seen in recent history. Does he honestly believe that women in this country are so stupid as to believe that any woman is a substitute for another woman? That all that us women boil down to is our XX chromosomes and estrogen? C'mon now."
August 29, 2008
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