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September, 2008

First Win for Brand Tags

Mark sent me this story about Tribal DDB winning the McAfee business which includes this awesome paragraph: "Tribal identified McAfee's brand challenge as differentiating it from competitors Norton and Symantec. To prove that the brands tend to blend together for many consumers, Tribal turned to Brandtags.net, a Web site that produces tag clouds of the words users associate with brands. The clouds for McAfee and its rivals were similar." Nice to see brand tags going to good use. Would be great to hear from agency folks what other things would be useful additions to the site. One thing I've been thinking about (just for this type of situation) is the option to spit out an 800x600 JPG for presentations because I know the current layout is awful for showing others/taking screenshots. Any other thoughts?
September 18, 2008
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