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September, 2008

Interesting New York

Two years ago Russell started a thing called interesting (which Grant summed up beautifully). David and friends have brought it to New York and it's happening Saturday, September 13th. I'm doing a talk titled "how I learned to make stuff on the internet and so can you." In case that's not so interesting to you (which is totally fine), lots of others are doing awesome talks as well. A few friends I'm especially looking forward to: Nick is doing "A brief introduction to the fermented drink Kombucha along with a tutorial on how to make it yourself," Amber is doing "Embracing bastardization: What your reaction to fan fiction culture says about you" (which I can't say I understand, but am psyched for), Faris is doing "Ideas are new combination: A history of recombinant culture from Locke to Linux" and Colin is doing "A quick history of techno music, its evolutions and mutations, and where it finds itself now. With each time period, I’ll play a representative sound snippet and talk about it." (And lots of other awesome folks are talking as well.) So what are you waiting for? Go buy some tickets. Oh, and someone should plan some drinks for afterward. Maybe I'll do that ... Anyone have any brilliant ideas on locations? Or want to get in on the action?
September 4, 2008
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