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October, 2008

likemind in the New York Times

There is a nice New York Times Sunday Styles piece on likemind (its already on the web). No matter how much people talk about the decline of newspapers, it's kind of awesome to see something you've created under the heading of the New York Times. The article has some nice quotes from attendees around the world and is generally pretty balanced (the gist of the story is that it's networking but not networking). I particularly liked this part with quotes from Ethan Watters: "These workers need new ways to connect, said Ethan Watters, who studied young urban professionals in his book, 'Urban Tribes.' They live far from their families, he said, and work in highly fluid industries where co-workers change continuously. Unlike professionals from an earlier generation, they marry later and have weak ties to organized religious or community groups ... 'They have no old family, no new family, so there’s a vacuum there, and since we’re social creatures, the vacuum gets filled with things like this,' he said."
October 25, 2008
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