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November, 2008

Marketing FIOS

This is as much a lazyweb request as it is thinking out loud: Looking at the way Verizon has spread FIOS seems to me like a classic case of old-school advertising working just as its supposed. They've bought tons of TV, used claim-based messaging ("X times faster than cable/DSL") and every one and their mother knows about them. I haven't seen a Facebook page, heard about blogger outreach or anything else of that ilk (though they certainly may be doing all of it). Anyway, I guess my point is that you can still build a brand the old-fashioned way: By buying a whole lot of television ads. Think about it, where did you hear about FIOS? (Usual caveats apply: I don't think this is the only answer, I know you need lots of different stuff and every brand is different. Just wanted to make the point.)
November 16, 2008
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