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November, 2008

Post-Election Charts

Been running across a bunch of interesting post-election charts that I thought were worth sharing. First off from the New York Times article on the role of the South in presidential politics comes a chart breaking down the demographics of different counties by the percentage increase each part received from 2004 (there's also an interactive version but I don't like it as much). Next up is a whole bunch of different maps showing what the country would look like if specific groups were the only voters. The most interesting map to me was "voters earning over $50,000 a year" which has Obama winning 271 to McCain's 267. Last, but not least, is this chart showing the ebbs and flows in coverage for both candidates (it's about 3/4 down the page). Up until September 1st, Obama was about 20 percent ahead in coverage (I believe Palin was announced on the 29th). After that they're neck and neck until the end.
November 12, 2008
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