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Computers + Humans = Better News

This news is a couple days old now, but TechMeme announced that they are adding a human editor. As they explained, “Any competent developer who tries to automate the selection of news headlines will inevitably discover that this approach always comes up a bit short. Automation does indeed bring a lot to the table — humans can’t possibly discover and organize news as fast as computers can. But too often the lack of real intelligence leads to really unintelligent results.”

It’ll be interesting to watch how these sites evolve over the next year or two. More and more of what’s going on around the web at the moment seems to be about combining the intelligence of humans with the power of algorithms for a better result that either could get at alone.

(As a side note, there’s also a really interesting point about news bias in the post: “I’d like to note here that Techmeme isn’t fair because life isn’t fair, and Techmeme will always be biased because humans have built Techmeme. And because news judgement, by definition, is bias.”)

December 8, 2008